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省钱和open up your options with McKesson Capital

Why pay upfront for equipment when you can pay monthly instead? Your budget may not always be able to cover new equipment, and researching leasing and financing options takes up valuable time.

EnterMcKesson Capital.

With us, you'll get all the expert product guidance you need on the equipment and lab instruments that meet your needs, while also helping pinpoint one or more financing options from our network of lenders.

Leasing through McKesson Capital lets you:

  • Pay less out of pocketby finding a solution that fits into your budget with the choice of payment terms and equipment bundles
  • Keep capital within your businessso you can save cash for other business needs
  • Leave your credit lines untouched. Financing with a third-party means you can keep existing lines of credit open for other things you'll need like medical supplies and lab reagents and test kits. Check with your accountant to learn about potential tax benefits
  • Get your equipment up and running quickly. With deferred payment plans you might even be able to start using your equipment before your first payment is due

McKesson Capital allows you to bring in equipment that you might not have been able to get, and having the right equipment can help you improve patient care and increase efficiency, while also helping you realize better financial results.

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